Monday, May 14, 2012

Math Journal Monday (Dinosaur Word Problems)

Several of my little guys love dinosaurs. I thought it would be fun to incorporate their love of dinosaurs into this week's word problems. While I was researching some dino facts, I came across these little dinosaur  gems:

Q: What did the Triceratops sit on?
A: Its Tricera-botttom!

Q:  How do you ask a tyrannosaur out to lunch?
A: Tea, Rex?

I'm sure those jokes just filled your day with laughter so you're welcome. ;)

Click on the picture to download the math journal problems. Clip art by KPM Doodles.


  1. Adorable! As expected from you ;)

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  4. These are super awesome! I am scrollin' back through your posts for sure . . . you are a gem :)

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  5. nice posting.. thanks for sharing.