Monday, November 14, 2011

Math Journal Monday (Time and Thanksgiving Word Problems)

At my school, we use Cognitively Guided Instruction (CGI) to teach math. In this model of math instruction, students are asked to find a solution to a problem posed by the teacher. Students are allowed to use any strategy they prefer to solve the problem. Most of my students are using a pictorial model to solve problems but, a few choose to use a concrete or abstract form. After students have solved their problem, we share our thinking with the class. During this time, I ask guided questions and occasionally give them strategy suggestions. I love listening to how their little brains work! They never cease to amaze me! 

Every week, I create a new set of word problems based on our skill of the week and then share them with my team. I decided that it would be fun to share the word problems on my blog every Monday. I'll call it Math Journal Monday. Click on the picture below to download this week's problems.

We are working on time this week in math so all of the problems are based on that concept. Students are asked to solve the problem using the numbers underlined in the problem. These are the numbers that they use to share their thinking with. Then if they finish early, they solve the problem using the numbers listed below the problem. They plug those numbers into where the underlined numbers are. Is that about as clear as mud? : ) Feel free to email me if you need me to explain it in another way.

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